Pulao with safed murgh

Sunday lunch is always a luxury to food lovers. Nothing beats the combination of Pulao, the delicate rice dish, with the spicy curried meat for that. In fact, the combination gets really unique when you put a slightly different preparation of meat with Pulao. Today, I am giving the recipe of white chicken which takes a bit long to make, but I hope, you can take your Sunday time out to prepare it. The pulao recipe is completely in Bengali style with is best prepared with “Gobindo bhog” rice. As it is not available outside India I prepared it with basmati rice. Enjoy 🙂

Pulao with Safed Murgh

Pulao with Safed Murgh

Ingredients to serve 4 :

For White Chicken

    1. Chicken – 600 gms.
    2. Plain yogurt – 250 gms.
    3. Ginger paste – 2 teaspoon
    4. Garlic paste – 1 tbspoon
    5. Onion(large) – 2
    6. White pepper powder (Samorich) – 1 tbspoon
    7. Kabab Chini – 3 to 4 seeds
    8. Star Anise – 1 seed
    9. Mace (Javitri) – ¼ teaspoon
    10. Cashew nuts – ¼ cup
    11. poppy seeds – 1 tbspoon
    12. Fresh Cream – ½ cup
    13. sugar – ½ tbspoon
    14. Salt to taste
    15. cooking oil

For Pulao

    1. Basmati rice as required – say 2 cups
    2. warm water – 4 cups
    3. Ghee – 2 tbspoon
    4. Yellow food colour or Turmeric powder
    5. Whole garam masala (Cinnamon stick – 1 inch, Cloves – 5, Green Cardamom – 5)
    6. Bay leaves – 2
    7. Cashew Nuts + Raisins –  ½ cup
    8. Salt & Sugar to taste

Procedure :

White Chicken

Cut the chicken into pieces according to your preference. Marinate the chicken with salt, white pepper powder, ginger & garlic paste and 200 gm. of yogurt for 1 hour.

Roast kabab chini, star anise and mace in a frying pan and then grind the mixture till it gets a half dust texture.

Soak the cashew nuts into warm water and prepare a paste of them. Similarly make a paste of poppy seeds.

Cut the onions into thin slices. In a deep pan, heat sufficient amount of oil until it is almost smoking. Reduce the heat to medium, and wait about 30 seconds. Add the onions a few at a time and deep-fry until they are golden brown and crispy. Transfer the onions onto a paper towel to absorb the extra oil. Continue until all the onions have been fried.

Heat 1 tbspoon of oil in a large pan. Add the dry half dust spice mixture to it and saute for a while. Then add the marinated chicken into the pan and cook until oil comes out of it. Add required salt, sugar and 1½ cup of water. Now cover the pan with a lid and let it cook till the chicken becomes tender. Then add the remaining yogurt, cashew nut & poppy-seed paste, 2/3 of the fried onion or barista and fresh cream. Put the flame on low and let it cook for another 5 – 7 minutes with the lid on. Switch the gas off and garnish with the remaining barista. You can also serve this chicken with Roti/Paratha.

Safed Murgh

Safed Murgh


Wash the rice and let it soak for 30 min. in water. Then drain it out and spread over a large plate. Add 1 or 2 drops of yellow food colour or ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix it with the rice very well. Now let it dry.

Heat a heavy bottom pot on medium flame. Add ghee, let it melt, then add the whole garam masala and bey leaves, saute them for a while. After that add the cashew nuts and raisins, fry them lightly and then add the coloured rice. Fry well the rice with dry fruits and add warm water to it (take water twice as much as rice) followed by adding salt and sugar as per your test. Cover the pot and let the rice cook on low flame. Put the gas off when the rice is completely cooked and all of water dries out. Don’t over cook the rice otherwise it may get burnt at the bottom.

Misti Pulao

Misti Pulao

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