Quintet of Radiance Award

Recently I have got a nomination for “Quintet of Radiance Award” from one of my blogger friend Shalini. She has a beautiful and touchy blog named Tale of Two Tomatoes . I follow closely and really enjoy reading her posts. She is a wonderful story-teller and cook by equal measure.

I feel very happy as well as lucky to be nominated. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.  I am a novice in blog writing and started it just two months back. I feel great to have the opportunity.

Quintet of Radiance Award is a bundle of five awards. Their individual logos are shown here.

Follow these steps to participate in this award :

  1. Display the logo in a post
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back.
  3. Using the alphabet, describe yourself in a word or a phrase.
  4. Nominate at least few bloggers.

Describing myself  in words from A-Z

A – Admirer of honesty

BBeautiful mind

C Chemistry lover as I did masters in it and also I feel in every aspects of life we need good chemistry, may be in relationship, in working environment and of course in cooking, which is my latest hobby and passion. 🙂

D – respect the profession of Doctors most, my childhood dream was to be one of them.



G – Graceful , “Gulzar” – favourite poet


I – Innocent

J – Jovial

K – Kind hearted

L – Leonardo Dicaprio , favourite actor

M – “Mera kuch saman tumhare pas para hain…….. “, favourite song

N – Nature lover

O Optimistic

PProgressive minded

Q – always rate Quality above Quantity

R Romantic 😉

SShort tempered, sometimes

T – Avid Traveler

U Understanding

V – Vibrant

W – look for Wit in people

X – hate the sound “X” when it means former.

Y – vow to remain Young at heart till I die.


My Nominations :

  1. Tale of Two Tomatoes
  2. My Kitchen Moments
  3. Feeding The Sonis
  4. Tanusreeroy
  5. Made by you and I
  6. Goan Imports


8 thoughts on “Quintet of Radiance Award

      • Arre no yaar..for you I will learn because I love languages..im very quick to pick it up..although my background somewhere far far away also has a bit of bengali in my cosmopolitan blood thrown in with punjabi and what not..i lost track lol


    • Great Sanjana…….then plzzzz do it for me :)……..you know I can’t pick up languages very quickly which I desperately need to do here in Netherlands…. 😦


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