Dudh Dim or Egg in Milky Gravy

My husband has an undying love for egg which propels me to carry out different experiments. Whenever I found an interesting recipe with egg, I pinned it in my ‘to do’ list. “Dudh Dim” is one such dish where fried eggs are immersed in milky gravy. The combination of egg with milk was completely new to me which I found in Andy’s Kitchen of acbistro. Andy has a lovely blog full of tempting foods and wonderful photographs, of which I am a big fan. Coming back to ‘Dudh Dim’, it is a very light preparation and if you do not like the spicy egg curry, it should be your call. As you can see below, the half eggs floating on the gravy looks very nice. Enjoy it preferably with rice.

Dudh Dim or Egg in Milky Gravy

Dudh Dim or Egg in Milky Gravy

Ingredients to serve 7 :

  1. Egg (hard boiled) – 7
  2. Milk – 2 cups
  3. Green chilli (slit lengthwise) – 3
  4. Dry red chilli – 3
  5. Bay leaf – 2
  6. Green cardamom – 4
  7. Cloves – 4
  8. Cumin seed – ½ teaspoon
  9. Turmeric powder – ½ teaspoon + extra to coat the eggs
  10. Salt & sugar to taste
  11. Cooking oil – 2 tbspoon

Procedure :

Remove the shell and cut the eggs lengthwise into halves, smear with turmeric powder and keep aside.

Heat oil in a frying pan or kadai over medium flame.

Put the eggs cut side down and fry light. Then gently flip the eggs and shallow fry the other side.

Remove the eggs from oil and keep aside.

Now add cumin seeds, green cardamoms, cloves, bay leaves and dry red chillies into the remaining oil.

Saute for a while and then add the milk, turmeric powder, salt and sugar, mix them well.

As the milk starts boiling gently slide the fried eggs (cut side up) into it.

Put the flame down and let it cook for few minutes.

As the gravy thickens and the milk reduces to its half put the gas off.

Serve with steamed rice.

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