Chingrir Batichachchori (‘Dam’ cooked Prawn with Potato & Onion)

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Chingrir Batichachchori or Prawn cooked in ‘dam’ with slices of potato and onion, perhaps happens to be the simplest recipe of prawn I ever knew of. I grew up in a joint family of 11 members and thus came across different recipes from my mother, grandmother and aunts as well. This one is one of my favourite dishes cooked by my aunt. She is an excellent cook and leaves mark on her every single recipe. Do try this super easy and delicious prawn dish which can be prepared at the blink of your eye.

Chingrir batichachchori

Chingrir batichachchori

Ingredients to serve 3 :

  1. Prawn (small size) – 300 gm.
  2. Potato (large size) – 1
  3. Onion – 2
  4. Slit green chilli – 2
  5. Turmeric powder – ½ teaspoon
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Mustard oil – 2-3 tbspoon

Procedure :

Remove the shell, head and tail of the prawns, devein them and wash thoroughly.

Cut the potato into thin slices.

Also cut the onions into fine slices.

Now in an aluminum bowl mix together all the ingredients.

Add 2-3 tbspoon of water to the mixture.

Prawn, potato and onion mixture

Prawn, potato and onion mixture

Cover the bowl with a lid and put it over low flame.

Cook until potato and prawn get cooked and all water dries up.

Serve with steamed rice.

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