Rasgulla “2 in 1”

It is great to be back after a long sabbatical with a recipe which you may find quite startling. You all are aware about the legendary status of Rasgulla or “Roshogolla” as they say in Bangla. How to pinch a bit more colour into the legend, literally?  A few months back, I happened to find the 2 in 1 Rasgulla, that is half in white and half in chocolate, at a family function. Flavour of chocolate added a whole new dimension in the traditional Rasgulla taste and I liked it immensely. Not only the taste, I liked the half white half dark design even more. Could not wait long and tried it during the Dusshera or “Bijoya Doshomi” with success. Now I find it to be a fitting recipe to post as a sign of my return to the online world of culinary adventure. Enjoy.

Rasgulla "2 in 1"

Rasgulla “2 in 1”

Procedure for making 12-14 pieces :

The instructions are the same as I mentioned in my 1st blog post https://jayeetacha.wordpress.com/2014/03/03/bengalis-popular-dessert-rasgulla-or-roshogolla/. The only difference is that here I made half of the Rasgulla with chocolate flavour. For that you need to divide the chena in two equal parts, add 2 teaspoon of coco powder to one part and mix well. Then divide both the chenas (white and chocolate one) in 12-14 small equal parts.  Take one part from each kind of chenas and assemble them with your palm to give it a round shape. Rest of the procedure is same as mentioned in the aforesaid post.

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