Mulor Ghonto/ Stir-fried Radish

As the severity of winter mellows down, I find vegetable markets are flooded by vegetables. Cauliflower, milky white radish, mushroom; Green cabbage, spinach, broccoli; Orange carrot; vibrant Red beetroot; tri-colour bell peppers, I go on shuttling between them and fill in my shopping bag. Although neither me nor my husband are not exactly keen on radish, still we love this preparation ‘Mluor Ghonto’ or Stir-fried radish. I fondly recall my grand-mother preparing the dish sans the radish leaves and rather sprinkling over chopped coriander leaves on the top. It used to be super tasty with steamed rice over lunch. As the winter is rolling on, I thought to try something different and prepared Stir-fried radish with the leaves in and not discarding them. Result was quite satisfactory 🙂 . Now can’t refrain myself from sharing the recipe of such a healthy winter preparation 🙂 .

Mulor Ghonto / Stir-fried Radish

Mulor Ghonto / Stir-fried Radish

Ingredients to serve 4-5 :

  1. Radish (with leaves) -2 (medium size)
  2. Lentil dumplings (bori) – 8-10
  3. Black mustard seed – ½ teaspoon
  4. Dry red chilli (whole) – 1-2
  5. Chopped green chilli – 2 (optional)
  6. Mustard oil – 3 tbspoon
  7. Pinch of turmeric powder
  8. Salt & sugar to taste

Procedure :

Separate green leaves from the white radish and wash both the parts thoroughly.

Roughly chop radish leaves and keep aside.

Peel and cut the white part into fine slices.

Heat oil in a nonstick pan or kadai.

Fry lentil dumplings till golden in colour and keep aside.

Add mustard seeds and red chilli into the remaining oil, let them splutter.

Add chopped radish, leaves and green chillies.

Saute for 1-2 minutes, then add salt and turmeric powder, mix well.

Cover the pan with a lead and let the vegetable cook over low-medium flame.

As the radish and leaves become soft add sugar.

Now uncover the pan, raise the flame and fry for another couple of minutes.

Put of the gas, crush lentil dumplings and sprinkle over.

Serve with steamed rice.






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