Parshe macher shorshe jhal (Mullet fish in mustard sauce)

Long back, I have shared with you recipe of Mullet fish (Parshe mach) gravy, Parshe Macher kalo jeere-kancha lonkar jhol, which is still much adored. Today, I describe a slightly different recipe of Mullet fish with mustard sauce, which is a bit spicy preparation, although found abundantly in Bengali kitchen now and then. Perhaps, it is worth to mention here that, in past I shared a couple of fish preparations, of Hilsa (Bhapa Ilish or Smoked Hilsha) and Pabda or Pabo Catfish (Pabda Macher Jhal/Pabo Catfish in Mustard Curry), in mustard sauce. Indeed mustard sauce provides the Midas touch to turn the regular “macher jhol’ richer and tastier, however can be used for some selective fishes. Along with Hilsa, Pabda, Rohu and Prawns, Parshe or mullet fish is selective one. I hope all the fish loving patrons will like this preparation.

Parshe macher sorshe jhal (Mullet fish in mustard sauce)

Parshe macher sorshe jhal (Mullet fish in mustard sauce)

Ingredients & Procedure is same as in Pabda Macher Jhal, Pabda Macher Jhal or Pabo Catfish in Mustard Curry

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