Gurer Narkol Naru (Coconut Laddu with Jaggery)

Coconut Laddu is a very common sweet found abundant over east and southern part of India. Often we prepare it to offer God as ‘prasad’. Since childhood, I saw my mother to prepare mainly Gurer Naru, or coconut laddu with jaggery, during ‘Bijoya Dasami’ and ‘Lakshmi Puja’. Apart from Gurher Naru, Chinir Naru, that is laddu made with sugar, is also quite popular. However, the former being my favourite, finds here the place to be shared with you.

Gurher Naru or Coconut Laddu with Jaggery

Gurher Naru or Coconut Laddu with Jaggery

Ingredients for approx. 20 pieces :

  1. Grated coconut – 1
  2. Sugarcane jaggery (semi-liquid) – 150 – 200 gm. (depending upon the size of the coconut & as per your taste)

Procedure :

Mix the jaggery with coconut very well in a wide dish.

Heat a non-stick pan or alluminium kadai over low-medium flame.

Put the coconut mixture in the warm pan, cook with frequent stirring.

Continue cooking till raw flavour of coconut fades away and a binding consistency is reached.

Put off the gas and transfer the mixture over a large plate.

Apply water to your palm and start making medium size balls while the mixture is still warm.

Note :

  1. Achieving binding consistency is very important for this recipe. If the mixture remains under-cooked then it is difficult to give them the ideal round shape. Again if the mixture is over cooked then the Laddu may taste little bitter and hard to bite.
  2. If the jaggery is found in solid form, then first melt it in the kadai with little amount of boiling water over medium flame.


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