Aam Dal or Masoor lentils with Green Mango

As the scorching summer is on its peak with the mercury soaring high, we should opt for lighter and healthier food to keep our body cool. Even the usual dals which we take every other day can be prepared slightly different to keep the appetite intact. In this recipe I share  such an example with the masoor dal or lentil gets prepared with green mango which is available plenty in summer. Green mangoes add a little sourness and its unmatchable flavour into the dal which tastes very different from the usual preparation. Certainly an appetite enhancer, aam dal is ideal for summer.

Aam Dal (Masoor lentils with green mango)

Aam Dal (Masoor lentils with green mango)

Ingredients to serve 4 :

  1. Green mango slices – 8-10 (without skin)
  2. Masoor lentils – ½ cup
  3. Black mustard seed – ½ teaspoon
  4. Turmeric powder – ¼ teaspoon
  5. Salt & sugar to taste
  6. Mustard oil – 1 tbspoon

Procedure :

Wash the lentils twice or thrice.

Boil the lentils with 2 cup of water in a kadai or pressure cook it up to 1 whistle. Keep the boiled lentils aside without discarding the water. The lentils should not get mushy still cooked well.

Now heat mustard oil in the kadai over medium flame.

Add mustard seeds and let it splutter.

Add green mango slices, salt and turmeric powder. Mix well and cover the kadai with a lid. Let the mango becomes soft over low flame.

Pour the boiled lentils with water.

As the water starts boiling add sugar and check for salt.

Add additional water if you want your ‘dal’ more watery.

Cook for 2-3 minutes over medium flame and then put the gas off.

Serve with plain rice.

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