About me

Hi friends,

I am Jayeeta Basu, a Bengali housewife with a passion of cooking. I have started the journey of an independent cook blogger in the year of 2014 with a penchant to explore different cuisines, vow to share it with patrons and exhilaration to enhance my repertoire. Since then, it has been an exciting journey through space and time which changed its course often. During the initial stage, I was staying in Europe and beaming in excitement to play with continental dishes, which undoubtedly shaped this blog in its formative years. Later, I shifted to India and got to know the plethora of Indian regional foods which gleefully started to occupy their space in the blog. On the top of that, my proximity to Bengali cuisine also pushed me to explore the hidden treasures which I tried to pick and place carefully. Over the years, with the unconditional support of my fellow bloggers and overwhelming encouragement of the followers, this blog transcends into a forum of vibrant culinary discourse, which I have not really dreamt of in the beginning. I feel now this blog is truly en voyage to the unknown shore with a band of inspiring boarders.

55 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Jayeeta, I absolutely love your blog’s motto, yes indeed cooking can be a way to one’s heart as it can bring back such memories and feelings of fulfillment. I have also made a move from home recently away from family and friends, the food I cook definitely makes me feel at home, I hope you are adjusting and enjoying your new experiences, I look forward to your recipes and hearing about your new adventures 🙂


    • Hi friend, first of all I want to know your name.:)
      As you wrote in your blog that you become a good cook because of your grandmother and mother of course, for me also they are the inspiration. Here, far away from India, I love to cook our traditional food and that’s how i feel home like atmosphere.
      Both me and my husband are very fond of non vegetarian food. I know Afghan foods are very delicious. I love to learn them from you. I hope you also settled well away from home. 🙂


  2. Very nice of you Jayeeta. Your blog has beautiful pictures and the recipes, particulary the Inidan desserts, hmmmmmmmmmmm yummy :). Keep on rocking and also check out mine.


    • Thanks for stopping at my blog Deepa. I have already checked your blog and found quite interesting recipes specially non-veg recipes ;). Waiting for more and more lovely recipes. 🙂


      • Thanks a lot, Jayeeta. Keep on following my blog, you will get daily updates. In my family even my 3year old kid is fond of non-veg, so i try a lot compared to veg 🙂


      • Thanks a lot Jayeeta. In my family even my 3 year old son is fond of non-veg, so try out lot of dishes in non-veg compared to veg. Follow my blog, you will get the daily updates. Also your wonderful likes and comments are welcome.


    • Nice to meet you Malar. Just visited your blog and found so many healthy recipes which I need most. 😉 Really happy to find your delightful blog and to connect with you. Of course we should thank Dimple. 🙂


    • Thanks Shikha. I am also happy to connect with you. Just visited your blog and discovered awesome recipes. Looking forward to your more and more yummy recipes…….. 🙂


  3. Hi Jayeeta ,i love the way u write your post with the pics,they are very clear and easy to follow…i have been to calcutta long back…i liiked the tram,kali temple especially the road side rasagulla shops….waiting forward for your more delicious recipes….


  4. Hello Jayeeta

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    • Thanks for your feedback, Edassery. If you are not used to with the aroma of mustard oil then you can replace it with other cooking oil or your can reduce the amount which you already did. 🙂


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