Garam Masala

“Garam masala” is the heart of most Indian dishes. It is frequently used in “Bengali cuisine” as well. The nice aroma and flavour of garam masala is the outcome of ground spices blend.  The composition of garam masala differs with varied recipes across India according to regional and personal taste. Nowadays garam masala powders are readily available in the market and they are also good in quality. I also use one of those ready-made ones. Still one should admit that fresh home made garam masala is far superior in flavour to the ready-made ones. That is why here I jot down the name of those spices, which I saw my mother & grand mother to use in their recipes.

Ingredients :

  1. Cinamon – 3″ stick
  2. Green cardamom – 10
  3. Clove – 10
Ingredients of Garam masala

Ingredients of Garam masala

Procedure :

Dry roast all ingredients on a moderately medium flame till the spice gives faint aroma. Let them cool and make a powder of them. Store in a air tight container and use as required.

Note : Often I use this combination of spices as a whole without grinding them. It is then called “Whole Garam masala“.

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