Muri Ghanto (Fish Pulao)

Perhaps the most quintessential Bengali dish ever known is ‘mach bhat’ or rice with fish curry. However mach bhat takes altogether a whole new dimension with the recipe, which I share today, known coloqually as ‘muri ghonto’, or the fish pulao. Well to be perfect, it is not exactly the fish pulao, rather the ‘fish head pulao’, where the head of either Rohu or Katla fish is cooked with rice. Does not it sound exotic? The fish lovers know it very well that the fish heads are really juicy stuff. When it gets cooked with the rice, there is no doubt that muri ghonto tastes just out of the world. Interestingly, as my knowledge goes, this dish, being considerably spicy, should be enjoyed with plain white rice, along with the rice it is made of. Enjoy !!!!

Muri Ghanto (Fish head cooked with Rice)

Muri Ghanto (Fish Pulao)

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