Bread Pizza on Tawa

Bread is perhaps the most common item for breakfast around the world. Even in India, a slice of bread has replaced the traditional regional foods for breakfast. I cannot think of my busy weekdays mornings without bread, which you can just bake and have it with a spoon of butter or jam. I must admit that since my childhood I have been a big fan of a crunchy toast with lots of butter and sugar on top of it and the love affair continues till date.  However, with growing age I am trying to cut  down the amount of consumable butter and sugar. 🙂

Sometimes I also get bored with bread toasts. Luckily, plenty of options for cheeses are available in the market which tempts me to carry out experiments with mundane breakfasts with breads. And here I am with a quick, easy and delicious ‘Bread Pizza’ recipe with capsicum, tomato, herbs like oregano and basil and grated cheese . I am pretty sure that kids will love it too. It can also be served as snacks anytime in the day.

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