Kolkata street food – Egg roll

Egg roll is perhaps the most quintessential Kolkata street food one comes across these days. It acts a form of quickie cheap filler when you are out on the road, feeling hungry and not in a mood to spend too much bucks. Stop by at one of the umpteenth roll corners, buy the roll which as the name suggests, is nothing but a wrapped paratha with egg and salads inside and just pass over while munching. It is amazing how the roll took over the once mighty traditional mughlai street foods slowly but vehemently in Kolkata. Egg roll however is the simplest form of non veg wraps. One can find chicken or mutton role, tikki roll, kebab roll and even the veg paneer role which are equally lucrative. I hope this recipe will give you a lead on how to prepare roll at home which you can always try as an evening snack.

Kolkata Street Food - Egg Roll

Kolkata Street Food – Egg Roll

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